Check out GoStoner and TheWeedTube!

Hey guys! Just want to make this site a little more than just episode post, episode post, episode post. So we just want to share a friend of ours Go Stoner and The Weed Tube — Go Stoner is a fun kind of everything weed website from clothes to entertainment to news it is your source for all weed stuff. The same guys that made that also made The Weed Tube which is just YouTube for stoners. Both are co created by Arend Richard and MacDizzle420. It’s very fun, keep an eye on that because Kelly and Jess may post some funny videos on that site. They’re not sponsoring us or anything, these opinions are our own — we just wanted to share some fun weed stuff for you!

Also big news for IMDweed coming for the next episode, keep your ears peeled!


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